Debut chapbook, "Philosophers Know Nothing About Love," forthcoming with Thirty West Publishing in the Spring.

New work also forthcoming with MARY, Midway, Sinister Wisdom, Revolute, Parquet Press, Scrawl Place, Revolute, and miniskirt mag.


Moonstone Arts: "Centripetal Force at Thirtyfivethousand Feet" in 25th Anniversary 2021 Poetry Ink Anthology, and "Suburban Blitz" in Protest 2021.

Celebrate.845's Zine ...AND ALL WAS ILLUMINATED, "Summer at Seventeen" and "A Little Drink," June 2021.

New York Quarterly Online Issue 67.2, "when my girlfriend discovers a dying bird on the fourth of july".

Seven Circlepress's CircleShow Volume 23, Winter/Spring 2021, "a prize for the gladiator in the midst of an earthquake," "The Local Crisis: Never Ask the Question", "After Camus: Life as rebellion against mortality" (20-22). Available for purchase here.

Maryland Institute College of Art's Full Bleed Issue 5: Adaptation, "It Will Be a Garden Again".

Passengers Journal Volume 2 Issue 2, "Through the Fence", also featured in Voicemail Poems as an audio recording.


antonym lit December Issue, "Cholla Garden Haibun" (11), "This Is [Not Just About Blooming Flowers" (56), "To another girl called, 'other':" (66)

Apiary Magazine Issue 11: The Essentials Issue, "Conservation of Matter," "The Sneakers You Wear to the Hospital [Daily]" (18)

Giovanni's Room Anthology, queerbook, "After Hours, Ad Astra," "Now, It Grows in Every Season: Prayer for Apricity," "Lovesong" (56-59)

Fearsome Critters' Quaranzine, "Before the Good Mourning"

Thirty West Publishing's The Weekly Degree, "Foreshadowing," "The Order of Things You Asked Me to Pack," "Cleaning Out the Freezer"


Toho Volume 1 Issue 2, "University City High School" (85)

Gravitas Volume 18, Issue 3, "Home Security" (67)

High Shelf Press Issue VII, "Cosmology 33"

Rowan University's Glassworks, "To the Bone" (27) or purchase a print copy here.

Cathexis Northwest Press, "This here, is muse:"


Lady Blue Literary Arts Journal, "Words Unversed Have No Home" (8), "Carnival of the Animals" (23), "Something (Hidden and) Blue (Abides)" (29)

The Esthetic Apostle, "There are 807 Miles Between the Ordinary and Sublime"

trampset, "The Patron Saint of LostBoys"

great weather for MEDIA's anthology Suitcase of Chrysanthemums, "Untitled" (166)


SWWIM Every Day, "Domestic Villanelle"